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Come join us to our first summery party of 2020 with fresh and new drinks that have been set in the many recently. We'll be there waiting for you from 11:00pm at Ex Bunker to dance, to spread the joy and obviously, to make friends at our #SUPERSABADOBCN.

| POP & HITS |

🎧 Alonso Montero (Barcelona Dj)
🎧 Mauro Villanueva (LemonLab Dj)

Come celebrate your with birthday with us! To know better what benefits we can offer for your party, send us an email to and we will get all sorted for ya! 

| 💻 / VIP LIST |
VIP LIST $5.000 - registered by half past midnight. All you need to do is to put your details on the tab "VIP LIST".

| 🎟 / ENTRY |
$ 8.000 in cash.
$ 10.000 by credit or debitcard.

📍 Ex Búnker / Bombero Nuñez 159, SCL
🗓 Sábado 11.01
⏱ 23:00

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